In my bout with The Private Man, I was introduced to Dalrock, and the Manosphere.  To be honest, I’m not that interested on their take. I can dedicate an entire category to stupid things men do. That’s not a bad idea… but it would be nothing new. We know women got the winning deal in the evolution process.

I think the resentment comes from our power. We really do call the shots, even if they are selfish and predictable. Men should be happy that women enjoy sex and are now active participants, tapping into our inner freak. Yes, it’s easier to have a one-night stands, but where do you think women learned this? Men are annoyed because we have taken over the ‘sex for fun’ playbook.

With our feminist prowess, men had to evolve into a new role that allows for effeminate men to lead the army of booty chasers. Thank goodness! Men need manicures, facials, waxing, and styling clay. As we have adopted more masculine traits, men have stolen from ours. Wonderful! We are finally sharing.

Dalrock wrote a hilarious blog on called Sex Cartel! which he describes two types of women: Women Holding Out for Relationship Equity (WHORE) and Sisters Lusting for Unlimited Titillation (SLUT). By definition I am a SLUT. But I disagree with the Manosphere’s portrayal of the female agenda.

Women have deep thoughts on sex and love. I, for example, in my current Sexploration, am using sex to detach from men, and eliminate the potential of another broken heart. If I were to date eligible men, I might get lost in emotion and want more than he is willing to give. No, I’m not ready for the ‘right guy’. He needs to snooze for about another year, then chime in when I have my life in order.

As I tried before, celibacy is difficult and gives little reward. It only reassures you that you are alone. If I use a man for one night, one hour, whatever, we both gain. I stroke his ego, among other things, and he strokes mine.

Honestly, men aren’t that titillating. It’s very hard to find a good performer, with a nice package. Most of the time, half way through the act, I wonder when it’s going to end. History has proven men typically do not have the stamina or technique to give me an orgasm. I’m not blaming men. Poor men have enough to feel bad about. I just don’t know why I get into sexual encounters with the expectation of being satisfied. It rarely happens.

What other option do I have?

Tomorrow, I have my first date with a woman. I’m not to sure about this hot 26 year old. She seems like a typical LA woman, flighty and unreliable. I’m crossing my fingers she is not, because ever since I met her I haven’t stopped thinking about her. If things go well, the Manosphere will have to come up with a new acronym for me. How about Female Living In Rightful Triumph (FLIRT)?

This is a must see video for those with an interest on the topic:


Special thanks to Graham Murkett (somegreybloke) and his rebuttal to the blacklash of the video and the accuracy of the Manosphere.


About Goshie Noya

I am a mish-mash of conflictions, my polarity is both a gift and a curse - a standard duality. You'll never know what you might find with me. I haven't a clue myself.
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3 Responses to Manosphere

  1. Glen says:

    Good luck tomorrow!

    • Goshie Noya says:

      Thanks. I feel I’m going to need it. I have figured out how to manipulate men to get what I want. A women, well, that is tricky. I can’t base it off of my emotions or behaviors since I typically differ from the average female psyche. I’m going to be myself and hope it works! With her permission I will provide a debrief tomorrow.

  2. Glen says:

    Hey! So, what ever happened with your date?

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